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AF-1s helped
create sneaker


Existing as a timeless classic, Air Force 1s have helped create sneaker culture as it is today. Debuting on the court, adopted by the street and adored by the masses, their popularity is evident not only in their longevity, but in their position as a social style icon.


Hip-hop got its name and came to prominence around the same time as the Air Force 1, and with artists swaggering in AF-1s as well as spitting lyrics about them, the two enjoyed an almost symbiotic rise as their global appeal grew. And pop culture as a whole quickly embraced AF-1s, with celebs chucking their endorsements in along with rappers and athletes alike. And a timeless classic was born in the mid-90s when the AF-1 turned up in its most popular, iconic style: low-cut, white-on-white.

Its most
iconic style:


The ever-popular white-on-white has been seen as something of a blank canvas to budding creatives who possess a flair for self-expression. But it also enjoys its own special place within the fashion world, positioned on an untouchable pedestal. It is, and always will be, a staple of sports fashion.


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