Michael JordanMichael JordanMichael JordanMichael JordanMichael Jordan
So, what can be said about Michael Jordan that hasn't been said a million times before? Jordan made you hold your breath as you watched him, expecting greatness from ''His Airness.'' Although a summary of his basketball career and influence on the game fails to do it justice, as an athlete with a unique combination of fundamental soundness, grace, speed, power, artistry, improvisational ability and an unquenchable competitive desire, Jordan single-handedly redefined the NBA superstar. Even some of the biggest stars of the game recognised Jordan as being in a different league. Magic Johnson said,

"There's Michael Jordan and then there is the rest of us."

Michael Jordan's career with the Chicago bulls, has been the ultimate inspiration to a generation of athletes. He won the hearts of millions of people and tops all lists of successful sportsmen. Since Jordan first stepped foot onto a Basketball court he began to climb the ladder of success and never looked back. Michael Jordan became the universal measuring device for appraising greatness in a culture with a passion to rank and quantify. As a cultural icon, Jordan had such an impact on global society that any person who would exceed beyond comparison within their field would be described as ''the Michael Jordan of...''

Michael Jordan introduced the rest of the world to a game that was predominately American based. His aura extended worldwide, often to countries where basketball had only been a minor diversion. Upon the Chicago Bulls' arrival in Paris for a championship match in 1997, one newspaper published the headline, ''Michael Jordan is in Paris. That's better than the Pope. It's God in person.''

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