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ZX Range

Back in the day...
Back in 1984 the world was going mad for technology. The world was first introduced to the Apple Macintosh computer, the first CD-ROM and the laser printer. Along with brands such as Apple, adidas decided to play their own part in the movement. The ZX series was soon born and lives to this very day. The strong collection of running shoes were designed for all runners of all types and abilities. Over 20 years after their introduction to the world, adidas add yet another collection to the series with these distinctive new looks and colours.

The technical bits...
The concept for the ZX shoes was created by a desire to create a range of shoes suited for all runners across the world. adidas made the brave attempt to meet the needs of every runner. Whether they be terrain or road runner, joggers or competitive runners, the adidas ZX collection would be the place to look. Each and every ZX model went through specific processes of adaptation and design. Each featured subtle differences which would suit the shoe more to specific runner types. The shoes were able to take on new functions just by changing the padding and cushioning in certain areas.

Why so popular?
The Scheinfeld factory in Bavaria witnessed such dedication from the developers at adidas when creating these shoes that the vast and rich collection is now looked back on with great fondness. The popularity of the shoe is shown through adidas' continuous production of new ZX models to this day. Throughout its life the ZX range has witnessed breakthroughs in shoe technologies such as Torsion and Soft Cell. It was inventions such as these that attracted fans in the first place, fans who still consider ZX a classic. The popularity of the ZX range grew to such an extent that these models are often regarded as defining the archetypal training shoe silhouette.

'Step into an 80s' running shoe legend'

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